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 Resurrezione Restoring a Healthy pH Balance We came across Sabrina Bradley’s booth at the International Hair and Beauty Show in NewJersey this spring. Noticing that her product was meant to repair hair, we were instantly intrigued, and after chatting with her we knew we had to follow up with an interview about her new company.




e were able to catch up with her after the show so she could give us a more in depth look at Resurrezione, the product she created to treat dry, damaged hair. Resurrezione, Sabrina explained, is all about the science of pH balance, or potential of hydrogen (pH). pH is the measurement of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Human hair and scalp oil have a pH balance that falls between 4.5 and 5.5, and this prevents fungi and bacteria in the hair and scalp, and keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. Sabrina told us that even applying a substance like water can throw off hair’s pH, and so can treatments like coloring and relaxing hair.


Sabrina, who lives in the Pittsburgh area, knew about pH since she was already a cosmetologist before starting Resurrezione, but she wanted to know more. Having clients of different ethnicities, she also began to wonder what makes hair different from one person to the next.



“I have to find out what the difference is between the texture,” she told herself, “because I knew the hair is all made up of the same components.” She did research and studied the textures and chemical makeup of all kinds of hair types. What she learned was that curl pattern and the way the cuticle naturally lays is different within different ethnic groups. The major difference, though, comes down to how tight someone’s curls are. “If you have curly hair, then your cuticle is already open. It is especially important for people with curly hair to return their hair to a slightly acidic pH level, since the open cuticle prevents natural acidic sebum. It’s important to keep the entire hair at a pH level between 4.5 and 5.5.”



The reason curly hair can become so brittle and even begin to break is because it is harder for natural oils to travel down the hair shaft, Sabrina explains. With a woman whose cuticle lays flat, the oil can easily move down the shaft, moisturizing and lubricating the hair.



“The tighter the curl,” says Sabrina, the harder lubrication vulnerable...It’s very fragile.”



Resurrezione works against this dryness, keeping hair from being so prone to breakage.


Eventually Sabrina teamed up with her cousin who is a chemist with Piedmont Chemical. He helped introduce her to a manufacturer after showing him all the research she’d done. Now, eight months later, the product has already been used by consumers up and down the East Coast, Arizona, Hawaii, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and even Nigeria. “They’re starting to catch on,” explains Sabrina. People experience dramatic results after just one use, though the process should be repeated monthly, and it may take up to three months to see a complete turnaround. After one treatment, though, you’ll see an 85% improvement in hair texture. For Caucasian women, or women who have straight or wavy hair, one treatment may be enough.


The special oils, which Sabrina spent months researching and carefully selecting, and other ingredients in the product come to you in the bottle as a solid and when heated in water turn to a liquid form which you apply to your entire head of hair. It works by filling in the imperfections in the cuticle and restoring much needed moisture to each strand. Sabrina explains, “At the third treatment, their curls are starting to become defined. Like when they were children—their hair is softer, bouncier, fuller.



” One user we spoke to, Tionna Washington of Atlanta, Georgia, told us that after the first use, she didn’t think she’d see dramatic results, but a couple of days later she began to notice that her split ends were repaired. After a second use, her hair became stronger, healthier. She continued to use the product on her natural, unrelaxed hair and felt that it even began to grow faster. She has now completed six treatments of Resurrezione and plans to keep using it for life. She’s already recommended it to her mother, sister, and aunt. There is definitely a buzz creating excitement around this product. In Sabrina’s words, “I came up with this, and it still amazes me!”


Those who are interested in Resurrezione can try the product for themselves by going to Sabrina’s website,


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