What causes my hair to fall out?

December 6, 2015






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What causes my hair to fall out?


Hair loss is highly complicated. The most regrettable aspect is the person does not realize the reduced volume of hair until most of the volume nearly 15% is lost. This means by the time one considers what causes my hair to fall out, it is already delayed and it is time to consider some scalp experts and find resort with good products such as Resurrezione.


The number of hair falling out women is on the rise and the hair care research is dedicated to discovering factors contributing towards it.


  • Genetics: Hormonal imbalances, a genetic predisposition with the testosterone conversion into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) are the main hair loss causes. However, genetic predisposition is also inherited by your mother or fathers family side. However, applying Resurrezione regularly stops hair fall.

  • Trauma and Stress: Trauma and stress restrict the supply of blood to the capillaries and the stress increases the testosterone levels converting to DHT and thus interrupts the growth of hair cycle, leading to lack of nutrient and oxygen uptake, nutrient and vitamin absorption of hair follicles.

  • Diet and Nutrition: High animal fats consumption, rapid weight loss, poor nutrition and deficiencies in iron, biotin, zinc and protein can reduce vitamin absorption and vital amino acid required for the growth of hair.

  • Health: Medications cause side effects, such as thyroid diseases and are the common reason to cause hair loss. Even steroids to birth control, diabetic, blood pressure, acne medications and heart disease cause permanent or temporary loss of hair.

  • Environment