What causes my hair to fall out?


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What causes my hair to fall out?

Hair loss is highly complicated. The most regrettable aspect is the person does not realize the reduced volume of hair until most of the volume nearly 15% is lost. This means by the time one considers what causes my hair to fall out, it is already delayed and it is time to consider some scalp experts and find resort with good products such as Resurrezione.

The number of hair falling out women is on the rise and the hair care research is dedicated to discovering factors contributing towards it.

  • Genetics: Hormonal imbalances, a genetic predisposition with the testosterone conversion into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) are the main hair loss causes. However, genetic predisposition is also inherited by your mother or fathers family side. However, applying Resurrezione regularly stops hair fall.

  • Trauma and Stress: Trauma and stress restrict the supply of blood to the capillaries and the stress increases the testosterone levels converting to DHT and thus interrupts the growth of hair cycle, leading to lack of nutrient and oxygen uptake, nutrient and vitamin absorption of hair follicles.

  • Diet and Nutrition: High animal fats consumption, rapid weight loss, poor nutrition and deficiencies in iron, biotin, zinc and protein can reduce vitamin absorption and vital amino acid required for the growth of hair.

  • Health: Medications cause side effects, such as thyroid diseases and are the common reason to cause hair loss. Even steroids to birth control, diabetic, blood pressure, acne medications and heart disease cause permanent or temporary loss of hair.

  • Environment: Environment pollutants give exposure to metals, chlorine and minerals, thus leading to hormonal imbalances contributing to loss of hair. Free radicals and UV exposure also ages the scalp cells prematurely and damages the shaft of hair.

  • Life changes: Pregnancy causes hormonal changes and lead to hair loss temporarily. This may be for a period of six to 12 months including the period after childbirth. Women menopausal period also causes hormonal shifts resulting in hair loss.

  • Aging: With age, follicles deteriorate and there is loss of hair.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, you must know the other reasons what causes your hair to fallout. Thinking of hair loss, the genetic factors causes baldness in males. However, medications, thyroid problems, hormones, infections and other diseases also result in hair loss. Knowing what is causing my hair to fall out helps in finding the appropriate solutions. The right answer is Resurrezione. It helps in resolving your problems and you are sure of good hair growth.

  • Hormonal changes: Losing of hair may be due to menopause or childbirth in women. Aside from genetic baldness in males, men also experience hair loss due to the changes in the hormonal composition with age.

  • Disorders of Thyroid: This is the common causes that is hormone-related for hair loss and relates to thyroid problem. Hyperthyroidism (much thyroid) or hypothyroidism (little thyroid), anything relates to loss of hair. Treating this disorder in thyroid often reverses the loss of hair.

  • Emotional and physical stress: Both causes hair loss. In fact, blood loss, high fevers and surgery also relates to enough stress and excessive shedding. Psychological stress may be anxiety or extreme mental stress reporting hair loss. Fortunately, the physical stress causes are temporary and as the body heals, the loss of hair subsides. You may combat mental stress with proper nutrition, daily exercise and meditation.

  • Medications: Medications are followed with a list of side effects and not to miss hair loss. Especially, when it is chemotherapy, the main culprit. However, the other list of medications are now away and they include:

  • Oral contraceptives

  • Thyroid medications

  • Anticonvulsants

  • Beta blockers

  • Anticoagulants

  • Antidepressants

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Iron and zinc deficiencies are common nutrition associated to hair loss. Evidence shows that reduced intake of vitamin D, fats, vitamin C, vitamin B12, copper, Vitamin A, selenium and biotin also are some of the causes to blame.

  • Lupus: This is an autoimmune disease causing loss of hair. This is because it becomes patchy and lesions form on the scalp.

  • Other medical conditions: These may lead to balding in abnormal ways and it includes:

  • Renal failure

  • Liver disease

  • Inflammatory bowel disease

  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis when it occurs on the scalp, it definitely interferes with growth of hair.

Searching for causes and considering potential treatments is really understandable. Even the research shows that hair loss is associated to body image, lower self-esteem and increased anxiety. Fortunately, the non-genetic hair loss causes can be successfully cured and averted, in fact even reversed on using Resurrezione.

You may consult your doctor about the hair fall concerns and also know the potential causes. This will help you to know how to stop hair fall. Discovering the ways to make your hair grow faster, especially in the natural way is time consuming. Yet, knowing how to stop hair from falling out naturally is easy, you must be aware of the right methods. Buying and applying Resurrezione ensures you to get luscious, thick, long locks of hair. The other steps to know how to stop hair falling out can be done following these steps.

  • Trim hair once in 6- 8 weeks time. This is a simple way to salvage your hair. You may cut the ends of your hair regularly between 6 -8 weeks. At the same time apply Resurrezione it ensures hair growth.

  • Eating your way keeping away stress is best; you can have cottage cheese, egg whites and yogurt to promote the intake of protein. Make sure you get iron in good quantity, essential for strong hair. This resolves your problem of how to stop your hair from falling out doubts.

There are several benefits of Resurrezione as a hair care regimen. It is an organic way of improving your hair. You need not stumble over the list of ingredients as they use gentler ingredients and have no inclusion of unpronounceable syllable or harsh chemicals. The ingredients are the best elements in improving the hair and scalp health. They are much less likely to cause any sort of allergic reaction or irritation.

Hair loss in daily life is a common occurrence. Any average person looses nearly 100 hairs per day. This increases when the reasons include heredity, trauma, stress, scalp infection, certain diseases, medications and various other reasons. The compound dht may have an adverse effect in the hair follicle; causing the blood vessels to shrink in the papilla restricting food and oxygen reaching hair protein. This cycle will repeat itself and you can stop this by using Resurrezione.

There are hundreds of companies producing various products so that they reverse hair loss. They also claim to make hair grow and one such well known and widely accepted product is Resurrezione. Spending some time is enough in buying this product; you can take your scalp to natural state and to back to basics. You may stop using the unwanted hair gels, sprays, serums and byproducts available in the market claiming to look good. Instead concentrate on Resurrezione and it works like the way you detox your body and throw away the unhealthy cells from clogging your hair follicles and pores.

How to use Resurrezione?
  • Step 1: To stop the hair fall, apply Resurrezione regularly. You may massage this into the scalp using a circular motion. While sleeping place a towel under your head. And in the morning with your regular bath, wash your hair in the morning using water.

  • Step 2: This is a beautiful way to induce new hair growth; you may apply Resurrezione half an hour prior to hair wash, for few months. It is not sticky and so does not drip on your face. However, with regular wash, your hair looks clean and shining.

  • Step 3: To maintain growth of strong and healthy hair, continue using Resurrezione regularly.

If you are experiencing damage of your hair with harsh chemicals or heating products, it is high time as Resurrezione can help you turn the time back. Conditioners and shampoos are loaded with chemicals that damage your hair and leave product build up behind. Switching to Resurrezione helps in getting rid of such build up and chemical damage, besides it can reverse the effects of long-term chemical products while nourishing and also thus protect your new hair.

There are many excellent products available in the market, but on doing a clear approach you will realize that Resurrezione has quality ingredients to give your hair lots of volume and shine. This product helps in revealing happier and healthier locks. It is a hydrating moisturizer and is rich to strengthen your damaged hair.

What is Resurrezione treatment?

Resurrezione treatment refers to the treatments that helps in hair growth and also stops the hair from falling out. It is suitable for all types of hair. Applying Resurrezione to hair looking frizz also ensures it will be shiny and smooth. This is the reason it is popular among women and men. It improves the hair texture and promotes the shine. Keeping away from hair irons and hot blow dryers is best to ensure you have good tresses. Hair washing is of immense help. You can see the effect of Resurrezione in few months.

Resurrezione is an ideal choice. It promotes your hair and rebuilds the repairing of hair. Thus the damage of long term caused due to everyday wear and tear, environment, mineral deposits, heat styling, stress, chlorine buildup and chemical processing is eliminated. This is because Resurrezione avert breaking your hair off.

The benefit of this product, Resurrezione is its quality that it is light enough and apt for daily use. It keeps your hair light weight, but provides appropriate protection to maintain healthy hair. This product is easy for everyday use and to stop hair loss. This is the strong reason that Resurrezione is recommended for the treatment of healthy hair. The cuticle is locked and thus even colored hairs are protected from fading effects by the sun and you can enjoy the feel of your hair. With the application of Resurrezione, your hair flows smoothly, even if you use curling iron or blow dryer. Thus, it prevents from split ends or damaging your hair. Once you are accustomed to using Resurrezione, you will realize the difference that there is no room for second thoughts.


  • Resurrezione is reliable for hair growth and strength

  • No side effects, the best added advantage

  • It makes your hair silky and super soft, light weight

  • Easy styling anytime

  • It is ideal for everyone

  • Eliminates the need to apply hair spray or gel to maintain a straight look

  • Resurrezione is perfectly appropriate for all types of hair

  • Appear glamorous like the celebrities with shiny hair

  • Managing hair becomes simple and it provides sophisticated look

  • Spend minimal hours in hair care

  • It protects from pollution and sun

  • Resurrezione repairs the hair cuticles that are damaged and averts split ends

  • Shower of compliments

Resurrezione is helpful for the growth of hair is now accepted. It claims to strengthen your hair and to bring back the shine and smooth flowing hair is because it does not contain unwanted ingredients such as sulfate, petroleum, mineral oil, alcohol, DEA, synthetic fragrance or color, sodium chloride, TEA (Triethanolamine), parabens, petroleum, propylene glycol and many such that is harmful for the hair growth. Resurrezione is a complete hair protector that has won hearts of many men and women and is also the best kept secret. However, taking care of your hair is a must.

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